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Best Copier Lease in Manhattan

In recent years, copier lease machines have become the most preferred choice for business equipment practices. Want to know that which option for copier lease in Manhattan is best for your company. Have a look at the following points.
Always remember, copier machine lease in Manhattan brings a lot of benefits such as:

It offers easy budgeting as you will know how much you are going to pay every month. At the time of lease expiration, you will have an option to either upgrade to the latest equipment or to keep the current one.
If you are paying the corporation tax, the copier lease payments may not be included in taxable profits. This reduces the leasing equipment’s net cost.  Your money is not tied up in the cost of equipment. You can invest it in many other ways.
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There are two types of copier leasing options available:

Fair Market Value Lease.
$1 Buyout Lease.

Key insights on copier leasing options in Manhattan:

Fair Market Value lease (FMV)

A Fair Market Value lease is also referred to as Operating Lease. FMV allows you to get equipment on lease for a predefined interval of time at a fixed monthly charge. When the lease ends, you can buy the equipment at fixed market value if you want.  You can also upgrade the equipment to its latest version or return the equipment.
Fair Market Value lease is very affordable.
This copier lease Manhattan option is often preferred by the customers who do not prefer to retain the equipment after the lease ends.
* FMV Copier Machine Lease in Manhattan is available at the fixed monthly payments.
* As the lessee does not want to buy the equipment, it will not appear in the balance sheet of the company which allows the lessee to deduct the lease payment as an operating expense.

$1 Buyout Lease

$1 Buyout Lease if often known as a capital lease. It is just like buying equipment on loan.  The monthly payment of $1 Buyout Lease is higher than Fair Market Value lease, but when the lease ends you can buy the equipment at just $1. 
This type of Copier Machine Lease in Manhattan is often preferred by the companies that want to use the equipment for a long time.  $1 Buyout Lease is available at the fixed monthly prices. It has set lease terms.   
* At the end of the lease term, one can buy the equipment at $1.
At, you can buy both leases and can also help you to identify the best finance solution equipment lease for your company. So, chose the best option of copier lease in Manhattan and make the best use of it.
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