Choosing a Photocopier: Best Office Copiers 2021

Choosing a Photocopier: Best Office Copiers 2021 - A close-up view of a modern office photocopier with a busy office background, showcasing the advanced features and efficiency offered by Flat Rate Copiers.
The world of copier machines is vast. Choosing the best office space copier can be very daunting. There are just so much copier brands out there. Furthermore, they are all so good.
To help you decide the right copier for your office, we will dive into some of the essential features that you need to look out for.

Important Features of Your Office Space Copier in 2021


Can you imagine that period in history when duplexing was done manually? We shiver just looking back at it. Here comes 2021 with better printing technology. One of the joys of these newer models is the auto-duplexing feature. A good way to save paper and reduce your budget is with auto-duplexing. This is a two-sided printing feature which automatically reloads a printed paper into the machine, turning it over, and printing the second side of the document on the back of the page. Not only is this more efficient, but it also results in more professional-looking documents.


If you have piles of documents to copy, an automatic feeding mechanism can be a life-saver. Feeding documents means instead of having to load up each document individually, you can just load up one pile of up to 50 sheets and the copier will run through them automatically.


If you need to produce documents of different sizes, it’s important that your printer and copier have the capacity to enlarge and reduce the size of documents. Outside of the standard 8.5" x 11" document size, many new copiers are equipped to handle papers sizes like 11" x1 7" or 17" x 20".


Most modern copiers will have a sorting feature that sorts copies into their original order so you don’t need to fumble around trying to get your presentation in order. Many copiers will also staple your documents together automatically which saves time and frustration.


This includes stapling, hole punching, and folding. Most of these tasks can be achieved with copier add-ons. This is particularly useful in producing booklets. You can staple either in the corner of a document or on one side. Moreover, you can perform a 2-hole or 3-hole punch. Also you can fold along one side for a booklet or do the tri-fold for a brochure.

Here are some more advanced features to consider for your office space copier:

  • Copy part of a page. Many will be surprised that a copier can do this. This feature lets you select certain areas of a page that you want photocopied. The copy machine will scan the page and then allow you to determine which area you want.
  • Save to PDF or MS Word File. Most of the newer models have this impressive feature. You can scan your documents and then convert or save them as a PDF file. Moreover, you can scan the document and let the copier read all the text characters. Afterwards you can save it as a Microsoft Word file.
  • Send to email/network folder. You can email your scanned documents directly to as many recipients as you want. Moreover, you can save the scanned documents directly into a directory or network folder for easy access.
  • Document protection. New models have embedded security features to protect confidential and sensitive documents.
  • Mobile and Cloud Printing/Scanning. This means that you can print and scan from virtually any device, wherever you are. Mobile printing is supported by both Android and iOS. Manufacturers have applications that support this feature. Installing and using them is a piece of cake.
  • Remote monitoring. A copier that is network capable can allow service technicians to upgrade software, perform diagnostics and remote monitor the overall health of your device. Also, this feature can alert technicians when a service maintenance call is needed.

Your office space copier should support digital

It is 2021 and many aspects of life and commerce is transferring to the digital realm. While old analog models of printers and copiers are still used in some offices, digital copier equipment will help you optimize your office’s processes and improve your business’s overall efficiency.
Your MFP office space copier should be linked to your office network. You can print documents directly from your computer. This also allows you to store documents electronically. As a result, you won't have to rely on space-consuming paper storage.

Mobile and cloud integration

Most copier manufacturers support mobile connectivity. This is the reason why these brands have their own mobile apps for their copiers. While Wi-Fi allows you to make a direct print request from your computer, copier apps take this one step further and allow you to make a print request from any other device with internet connectivity.
Downloading copier apps will mean you can make print requests from plenty of other devices including your mobile phone and tablets. Furthermore, most brands support cloud integration. This means you will have access to most cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more. These features make it much easier to scan and print from your connected devices.


While having WiFi-connected copiers and printers is an important aspect of copier equipment in 2020, devices connected to the internet have an added element of security risk. Copier apps can help mitigate this risk by adding an extra layer of security.
If you know that your business handles sensitive information or could be at risk of a data breach, it’s always advisable to make sure your business’s security is a top priority. Newer models, like this Xerox copier, have dedicated security system specifically for addressing this concern.

It is always advisable to do a bit of research before investing in a copy machine. This rings true if you need an expensive multifunction device as your office space copier. However, with a copier lease, some of these will be taken care of.

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