Top Printer Choices for Small Businesses: Expert Recommendations

When choosing the best printer for your office needs you must remember that the technology in printers especially multifunction printers does not change as often as the technology in computers. There are many advanced features and capabilities that will allow you to stay with your printer for five to seven years. Due to the fact that there are many different printer manufacturers and models at times it may be difficult to choose the best printer for your business. There are several features and factors to keep in mind when choosing the right option that best fits your needs.

Factors to consider when choosing the best printer for your small business:

1. Why do I need a printer?

Each manufacturer builds their copiers with different targets and factors in mind. So knowing what will be the main usage of your printer will allow you to get the most value out of your purchase. For example, If the main bulk of your printing is office documents and you have a moderate to low print volume, then look for printer that is meant for small business usage with a speed and volume capability that will match your needs. .

2. What is my running cost for a printer?

When speaking of running cost it is important to keep in mind how many black and white vs color prints your business does. It is important to think about the running cost of a copier when choosing the best printer for your office space. The majority of your copier expense will be spent on ink cartridge because they tend to be more expensive than monochrome laser which are generally not recommended if you require high volume printing and copying. Laser printers tend to initially cost more to purchase but in the long run will end up saving you money. Also, make sure to ask for the cost per page information in order to compare your end cost per print among different manufacturers and printer models.

3. Does is Create Duplex Printing

Although finding printers with a duplex printing option can be more costly it is an important feature to have because it will allow you to print on both sides of a sheet which in the long run will help save you money on paper cost. The duplex printing feature is usually found on higher end printer models so if possible choose a printer with auto duplex instead of manual duplex. Printers with manual duplex requires you to manually reinsert paper to print on the other side and it's cost vs the cost of an auto duplex option is about the same.

4. What's the Fax Speed

When choosing a multifunction printer with a fax feature, always choose a fax speed of 33.6kbps or higher to help save on transmission cost. A higher speed fax will reduce the duration of sending a fax which in turn will reduce the call cost. If your business send a lot of interstate or overseas faxes, you will see a significant cost reduction.

5. Networking Features

When purchasing the best printer you might want to buy one with built-in ethernet networking to connect to your office network. Printers with build-in networking typically cost more but are very convenient when sharing a printer with other computers. If your office computers are already on a network then you can share the printer over that network.

6. Does it Support Mac?

If your currently using Mac computers it is important to check if the printer supports Mac OS X. For multifunction printers (MFP), check that you can make use of all the functions on your Mac. For example for some MFP you might be able to print from Mac but you need Windows in order to use its fax from computer feature.