Copier Equipment Leasing Lenders Loosen Their Grip.

Copier Equipment Leasing Lenders in a recent report of The Equipment Leasing & Finance Association’s Survey of Economic Activity (a monthly leasing and finance index) had  good news for businesses taking advantage of lower interest rates. As reported by there where several indicators gathered by Association.  A select group of 25 copier leasing lenders and equipment leasing finance companies reported an improvement from May 2012 (Specifically a 23% increase)

What's this mean for your company?

Essentially it means that in spite of economic fears and what seems to be a slow economic recovery you have options when it comes to leasing a copier. These options keep the market competitive and keeps interest rates in check. As the financial arms for copier leasing gain more confidence we expect to see easier qualification standards for new businesses.

At Flat Rate Copiers we track the market and always offer the option for conventional copier leasing with the equipment leasing lenders. If your business is new or you do not yet have established credit, have no fear we have a Guaranteed Approval program that is designed specifically for your company. What's more is All of our copier equipment leasing lender partners offer a end of term buyout or what's known as a lease-to-own. Now instead of a simple Tax advantage on the lease you also have the investment of ownership. Most of our clients upgrade to a new copier lease while enrolling the original copier in to a copier service program.  Call 877-871-5112 and ask us about the copier lease program.