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We’re excited to work with you and there’s no time to wait. You can fully customize our copy machine lease service to your business’ printing needs. Explore our Instant Online Quote, the only one in the world, browse through our copy machine brands, printer lease rates, and we will take it from there.

Guaranteed approval

Our premier collection of the industry’s best printer brands awaits you. Navigate through our application process or call us now and we guarantee approval.

Copier buyout option

Most of our valued clients upgrade their copiers after 2 to 3 years. If you wish to own the copy machine after the lease contract, we got you covered.

Same-day copier repair service

Not all copy machine leases are created equal. At Flat Rate Copiers, we always go the extra mile—and on the same day. Copy machines service, you can cross it off your list of worries. We’re just a call away and Flat Rate Copiers will be at your doors.

If copier lease is an unexplored terrain for your business, we will help you jumpstart and guide your way through the exciting prospect of copier leasing.

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We are proud to have offered the only instant online quote on copier leasing in the world. Navigate through this feature and start customizing your copier lease for your office printing needs.

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You can finally stop searching for “where to print near me” because copy machine lease is the gift that keeps on giving. Reward your business with our sweet deals on copier lease rates and be the office hero.

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We also hate office downtime. A copy machine lease with Flat Rate Copiers means that troubleshooting will be on us. Your time spent on micromanaging every detail of your printing operations could mean money lost for your business. Let us do the work so you can do your work.

Jeremy B., New York, NY


Our office initially started out very small, so we went with the easiest quickest option which was a desktop printer. As we grew as a company I started to notice our printing cost going up. When the printers would break we simply had to buy new ones.I never even heard of copier Leasing or if we need a printer rent, Flat Rate Copiers did a great job consulting and saving my company thousands of dollars every month.

Marcelo Zelicovich, Miami, FL

CEO / Doctor Aromas

I have been working with them for almost a year, at the beginning I was very skeptical if the service worth the money to invest, I can say not only I have less cost on toner and better quality, but how the new technology having the opportunity to scan tons of documents, send to any email, or just create folders to share with all the company give us the opportunity to move history of papers to a digital version, is not only a copier is a smart machine that you could use in ways you never though. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Karen M, Dallas, TX

Office Manager

Our office has been leasing Canon copiers For many years. My boss made the decision that he wanted to look for copiers for sale. So I started to compare copy lease rates, and search for copier lease vs Buy. I came across Flat Rate Copier website and it was clear, transparent,and straight to the point.before you get into another copy machine rental I would completely recommend getting a quote from their website

Juan Carlos C., Miami, FL


My office just completed a Ricoh copier lease and though we like printer we decided to start a new lease with Flat Rate Copiers strictly for service. That was over 9 years ago and we've had absolutely the best service and response time. This was the most important thing for office because we are a medical facility and our patients depend on us to be able to print

Why Choose Flat Rate Copiers

  • Guaranteed lease approval. We say "Yes" when other companies say "No". We love working with small and medium businesses, start-ups, and other growing companies. At Flat Rate Copiers, we know the challenges of maintaining a business. Get a lease with Flat Rate Copiers and start the experience of smart and better financing.
  • No overage penalties. We tell you upfront the costs. At Flat Rate Copiers, we practice transparency and honesty. Once you go over your monthly limit, we don't charge you with penalties. Our lease services will only have flat rate per print cost for overage.
  • World-class technicians. We only work with the best in the industry. Our certified technicians have a combined 50 years of experience in the best printer and copier brands.
  • In-house financing. We offer convenience right at our doorstep. Take advantage of our in-house financing to start your copier lease with us.

Copy Machines Service and Maintenance

Our certified technicians are always available for repair and service. We guarantee same day repair on your copiers. If your business doesn't have a lease agreement with us, let's talk it over the phone. We also provide consultation on printing solutions. Moreover, we supply consumable parts such as drums and toners with your copier lease. As your printer's manufacturer warranty ends, we take over.

Flat Rate Service

We provide straightforward pricing on our copier lease. We take pride in our flat rate fees with no overage penalties. Once you go over the monthly usage limit, we only charge a flat rate per print.


Your copier lease with us means that we fully disclose all of the fees on your bill. The rates will be upfront and there will be no hidden charges. As a result, there will be no surprises in your bills.

Best Office Printer Brands

We work with the most reliable printer brands in the industry. We deploy specialist technicians with reliable knowledge on these printer brands.

Enterprise Support

If your business has over 50 employees, we offer our VIP Enterprise Service. This includes dedicated technicians, hands-on management, and multiple monthly visits. We guarantee a 99% uptime on your daily operations.

Printer Repair

When it comes to printer repair Flat Rate Copiers removes the hassle from calling a repair tech for your printer. We have certified professionals that have world class customer service and response time. One of the most difficult types of printer repair is for older printers when parts are not easily found and when it costs more than the printers original purchase price. Don’t continue to pay for parts and high hourly rate for your printer repair, instead consider leasing your next printer and get all toner, parts & labor included.

How can a copier lease help your business?

It is 2021 and businesses are smarter. Law firms, government agencies, clinics, and non-profit organizations share a common practice: copier lease. Not only does it give you the most bang for your buck but it also offers a wide range of services. Business owners always find ways to stretch their budget. In a nutshell, a copier lease spreads the cost of buying a copier upfront to a longer period. At Flat Rate Copiers, we offer leasing from 24 to 60 months. Moreover, a lease entitles you to a Maintenance Agreement. It is our job to make sure our copy machines won't get in the way of your work. You won't have this option when buying a copy machine upfront. Repair and maintenance will be a separate expense.


Remember to ask about our guarantee approval on our copier lease programs. We provide an advantage for startup businesses, non-profit organizations, and companies looking for quick and easy qualification. During these uncertain times in our country working from home has reshaped some of our office printing practices. Copier sales have seen their peaks and valleys during this time. Look for our Google Business promos for any sort of copier sales and offers we have during the coming months. You may also try our instant quote tool and be sure to select copier sales when generating your proposal.

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Flat Rate Copiers offers nationwide leasing services and provide local technical services. We have multiple locations across states. FRC is known for our outstanding service in Miami, Coral Gables, and the greater south Florida area including Miami Dade County. Moreover, we have recently expanded our service to Ft. Lauderdale and most of Broward County. We offer a wide range of affordable copier leasing options. If you are interested, give us a call now at 877-781-5112.