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We offer copy, print, and scanning solutions for growing companies seeking a commercial or domestic copier lease service in Jacksonville & nearby areas.
Renting a copier offers many benefits. People choose to lease to have flexibility. Before leasing with Jacksonville, ensure the contract meets all your needs, even if you want to switch vendors.

Here are three things to watch out for when leasing a Copier near me Jacksonville:

  1. Watch Out for Long Renewal Cycles
    In many lease agreements, there is an 'evergreen clause.' This provision implies that if the letter of intent is not submitted within a specified timeframe, the copier lease will automatically renew for an additional year.
    The recommended approach is to opt for a monthly renewal of the leasing agreement. Once the leasing contract is fulfilled, return instructions will be issued. The leasing process concludes only after the user receives and follows the return instructions to return the equipment.
  1. Ensure Your Lease Allows Early Returns
    The practice of not allowing early returns is common among leasing companies. This implies that if you are in the 52nd month of a 60-month contract and have already paid the charges, the copier machine is expected to be stored until the final contract date. While this type of leasing contract typically functions smoothly, there is also an associated risk with it.
    Customers often depend on the service provider for the return process. However, the return process cannot proceed until the customer shares the return instructions with the vendor.
    Sounds confusing? Delaying the sharing of return instructions can lead to late fees, renewal fees, and unnecessary charges. It's important to share these instructions promptly to avoid additional costs and complications.
  1. Specify the Return Location
    The third consideration when signing a copier machine rental agreement Jacksonville is: Do not forget to specify the return location.
    Most rental contracts do not outline the return area, which can result in significant costs when returning the copy machine to another state or country at the end of the renting agreement.

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Leasing a Copier in Jacksonville

It's a safe practice to specify the region to minimize costs. However, many leasing companies provide complete return instructions during the copier leasing service Jacksonville, Florida. Therefore, it's crucial to carefully read your agreement before signing the contract. One oversight can lead to an unfavorable situation, so make your decision wisely.
Leasing agreements offer the 'No-Out of Pocket Expense' opportunity, as there is no upfront payment for extra costs. However, there are certain considerations to keep in mind when planning to average cost to lease a copier in Jacksonville. In the above points, we have highlighted important factors to consider while leasing a copier machine.
Therefore, follow the above mentioned 3 points and lease your next copier with complete satisfaction.
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