Copier Lease LA: Key Facts Before Buying

Copier Lease in Los Angeles, CA

copier lease los angelesCopier lease Los Angeles. Businesses in Los Angeles are realizing the efficiency of an equipment lease. Offices need to be armed with real office solutions. A copier lease becomes a weapon in a fast-paced office environment. Big corporations choose to lease their copiers. It makes business sense to do so. Moreover, a lease enables you to divert your budget for business growth. You don't have to purchase a copier upfront. Instead, you can pay small amounts over a period of time. Furthermore, there are awesome perks that you can only avail if your copier is on a lease. We are talking about toner supply, resupplying consumable parts, and maintenance. This also includes repairs, scheduled or not. Moreover, a copier lease gives you an advantage to get access to newer technology with upgrades. You can't do this with an upfront purchase. There are still a lot of things to consider.

To lease or buy a copier?

Buying a printer upfront for your office comes with a pretty expensive price tag. With a copier lease you can spread that same cost over 24 months or so, depending on your desired lease term. Now, you might wonder about interest. Any type of lease is notorious when it comes to interests, right? At Flat Rate Copiers we only charge customers with interest rates as low as five per cent.

Smart financing

Your copier lease with Flat Rate Copiers means smarter financing for your business. The value of the copy machine is not the only cost that we can spread over time. We take into consideration the costs on consumable parts, printer repair, maintenance, and so on. Projecting these costs over a period of 24 months or longer makes copier lease a valuable deal for your business. The bottom line is that copier leasing will give you the most bang for your buck. It is sensibly cheaper than buying a copier upfront. Moreover, Flat Rate Copiers have in-house financing to help you get started. We work with financing companies that will guide you through the whole process. Our copier lease service will start smoothly once the deal is done.

Office uptime

Better office uptime means better productivity. Say goodbye to late documents pending signatures, contracts that need to be forwarded, memos that need to be circulated. We make sure your office printing will be flawless. A malfunctioning printer can ruin a rather good day in the office. Documents in the printer queue pile up as you brainstorm how to fix it. You end up with pending signatures, communication, notices. A copier lease saves your office from costly downtime. For instance, we perform preventative maintenance on our copy machines to make sure malfunctions are lessened in the first place. But if a printer goes awry, we can easily deploy our technicians. We are always one call away. Finally, a copier lease results in optimized office uptime.

Choose a multifunction all-in-one printer for your office instead

Copier Lease Los Angeles, CA

Gone are the days of the bulky, old-style copy machines. The digital age saw the reinvention of the copier in the form of multifunction printers. These machines combine the different functions of copying, printing, scanning, faxing into a single device. As a result, there is now a blur as to what a copier really means. Today, a copier means a printer that supports scanning. This means that a document to be copied can be scanned and reproduced by the printer. Furthermore, newer models are built with more advanced features. We are talking about mobile printing and scanning, cloud integration, better machine security, and more. Now, if you are considering buying a copier in Los Angeles, here's some few things we think you should know.

Inkjet or Laser?

Laser or LED printers are generally good for high-speed copying of text documents. However, inkjet printers are more capable of printing at much higher resolutions. As a result, inkjets are more suitable for photorealistic finishes, graphics, and other documents that require higher quality.


To use as a printer, you need to have the devices, such as your computer, connected to give the print command. Aside from direct USB connectivity to a PC, most printer/copiers come with network connectivity, wired, wi-fi, or both. The advantage of this is reduced cables as well as the ability to print from a variety of devices such as your tablet or phone.

Black and White or Color?

This one is important. You have to consider what kind of printing you require in the office. This includes what type of documents are produced. Your office may produce more text-based documents or rely on high quality photorealistic output. Color copying is slower and more expensive but might be a feature you want your printer/copier to have if you intend to produce promotional materials for your small business, such as brochures, or copy color photos. Note that if you need high-quality color printing, you'll want to make sure you use high-quality paper, which is often more expensive than regular printer paper.

Warm-Up Time

Copiers that don't require waiting to operate are ideal for small and home offices. However, copy machines that offer high copy speeds require a significant amount of warm-up time. This usually is the case if the machine comes out of sleep mode.


Yes, there are copiers that do away with manual duplexing. Duplexing is the ability to print/copy on both sides of the page. While it might not be necessary for your needs, there are advantages to two-sided printing such as saving paper. Along with saving on paper costs and the environment, double-sided printing can make stapling packets of paper easier as well. You might want to look out for copiers that have this feature. Other models require optional add-ons to have this experience.

Get a multifunction all-in-one printer for your office with a Flat Rate Copiers lease.

We have a wide range of options when it comes to reliable and robust multifunction printers. If you are thinking of getting one for your office, we'd love to talk to you. Give us a call now at 877-781-5112.