Miami Copier Lease: Key Insights Before Leasing

copier lease miamiCopier Lease in Miami, FL

Business owners in Miami choose to lease their copier equipment. We are talking about law firms, medical facilities, government offices, you name it. You've probably read a lot of pros and cons write-ups on leasing. There are times when you would come across articles that dissuade you from leasing. What they don't tell you is that the pros of leasing far outweigh the cons. A copier lease in Miami, FL means your business chooses smart budgeting. You want to spread the cost of purchasing a copier upfront. Instead of releasing a considerable budget on an upfront purchase, you want to divide this cost over a leasing period. Furthermore, that is not the only factor to consider. You will still have to take care of resupplying consumable parts, doing repair, and maintenance. You can imagine this expense on top of the copier's price tag. When you think about it, you could have used that same budget on other business investments. Think about these investments as something that could help your business grow. Now, with a copier lease, we take care of the consumable parts. Moreover, we do on-the-clock repair and preventive maintenance. The difference is from a $9000 copier plus expenses on toner and parts to a lease that starts at $149 a month. Subtract that amount and that's the money that you could use for other business investments.

Before Leasing a Copier in Miami, FL

Leasing benefits your business in the long run. This is why most corporate offices have copiers that are on lease. If you are thinking about signing a lease for your office, here are some reminders that could come in handy.

Know your office needs

Always keep in mind what you sufficiently need. As you browse through a vast catalog of copiers, think of what your office needs. It is a good thing to align this with your budget. Always remember that every item you add on the lease will be on the monthly bill. There should be enough justification on your part when deciding on packages. Furthermore, leasing companies will always oversell you with add-ons. These can greatly help office productivity but always keep in mind if your office really needs these items. For example, your business may just work fine with a small all-in-one copier. This could be because you have just around 10-20 employees. It is a smart move to just lease a small multifunction printer. However, if you are thinking of expanding your business, you can commit to a larger model. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about any feature upgrades. There are manufacturers like Ricoh that support business scalability. This means that your current copier can receive feature updates. This also leads us to our next item on the list.

Option for upgrade

You can ask the leasing company if they permit upgrades on their lease. This is to make sure that you can avail this option when newer technology is released in the market. Furthermore, this is to avoid any inconvenience on your end. Do not forget to ask or negotiate this clause with your leasing company.

Carefully read the agreement

Do not skip this part. Make it a priority to thoroughly read the clauses stipulated in the lease and maintenance agreement. It will be stated there your privileges and responsibilities as the lessee. Fulfill your responsibilities. Know your privileges. This is to make sure that you have a mutual understanding with the leasing company. Furthermore, this makes your partnership work smoothly over the course of the lease period. This is particularly important when you think about the fact that you will be partners for, let's say, 60 months. You don't want to be stuck in a lease agreement that harms your business. In a nutshell, take your time to read the agreement. At Flat Rate Copiers, we encourage our prospect clients to do so. Moreover, we are particularly advocating for agreement transparency. We encourage our customers to always ask questions.

Address your doubts early

Do not sign a lease if you still have doubts. Good leasing companies encourage you to ask anything you have in mind. This is important so you can eliminate any doubts you have. Furthermore, you have to realize that these doubts could potentially harm this investment in the long run. You don't want to be on the losing side of a partnership that could potentially last for years. So, you have to address all of your doubts early on. Do not shy away from asking honest questions.

Don't skip the Maintenance Agreement

This is, shall we say, the main course of a lease agreement. A lot of important clauses are inside this document. You will find in here the responsibilities of the leasing company to your business. Furthermore, this is particularly important when it comes to maintenance. This is where you'll find the specifics on copier upkeep, monthly visits, toner supply, repair, and so on. Do not be afraid if it gets a little technical. You can always ask the leasing company to simplify what the whole agreement means. Moreover, this agreement will specify your responsibilities to the leased equipment. Some leasing companies have a specific set of rules and guidelines when it comes to maintaining good condition of the unit while in your care. If something about this part is unclear to you, address this early on. You don't want to fall into a trap that you're the one doing more of the maintenance than the leasing company. At Flat Rate Copiers, we will discuss with you everything that is inside the Maintenance Agreement. We want to make sure that all your doubts are cleared before we shake hands. Furthermore, we encourage our customers to always carefully read the lease agreement. Our phone lines are available 24/7. This enables our prospect clients to get in touch with us any hour of the day.

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