Copier Lease NYC, New York: Things You Need to Know

Copier Lease in New York

copier lease nyc
Copier lease NYC New York 2021 New York businesses are realizing the need for copier leasing. Many business owners in New York City know that leasing is the better option. Flat Rate Copiers offer copier leasing in NYC and our service areas include Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Greater New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, Poughkeepsie, and including Saratoga Springs and New Rochelle. TIP: If you are interested in a copier lease with us, you can check out our Instant Online Quote. You can create, download, or email multiple quotes using our tool. Create a quote that fits your printing needs and budget.

Copier Lease NYC: All the things you need to know

New York City is a bustling environment for businesses. The competition to just maintain your status quo is quite challenging. You need to have the right business skills for growth and survival. Many business owners and institutions in New York City choose copier leasing. There is no complex reason why. It is both cost effective and can give you long-term benefits. For example, desktop printers like Brother or HP do not offer cost effective ink and toner yields. The average cost you'd be paying per print is about $0.25. However, leasing a multifunction copier offers significantly higher yields. Consequently, this means less money on ink and toner. You will have more printing capability. Multifunction printers are also great for multitasking. You can do scanning, faxing, copying, and printing. These devices are also equipped with mobile and cloud integration. Moreover, these MFPs can support print jobs from over 20 different workstations or more. Unlike the smaller desktop printers, full size commercial printers can scan two pages per second. Now that is what efficiency looks like!

Leasing a copier in New York City

For office managers, a copier is a business essential. However, saving money is another business essential. Where can you find the balance? That's right, copier leasing. Leasing a copier is simple smart financing. You will need to spread the cost of buying a copy machine upfront. The best MFPs out there are expensive. Furthermore, you're still not including the cost of toners and other consumable parts. That's going to be on top of the copy machine's hefty price tag. A copier lease enables you to redirect your money on other business investments. For example, you can lease a $9000 copier or printer starting at $130 per month. The rest of your money that is supposed to be spent on purchasing a copier can be invested on other things that will help your business grow. Moreover, you can experience the benefits of a copier while saving money at the same time. Hitting two birds with one stone has never been sweeter.

Copier Lease NYC: How can it help your business?

Let's take a closer look into the benefits of a copier lease for your business.

Avoiding obsolescence

One of the major concerns of investing in technology is obsolescence. In the copier industry, newer models and features are being released at a stunning pace. Of course, this is good news for offices. New features mean better office productivity and efficiency. However, if you've just purchased a copy machine, this could not be the case. You won't be able to experience the latest technology and features if your manufacturer releases newer models. You have this option to upgrade to the newer units with a lease. If you want your office to have maximum uptime and productivity, this just makes business sense.

Low upfront cost

This is one of the main benefits of a lease. You will really appreciate low upfront costs on copy machines if you are a small business. Moreover, many copier leasing companies in NYC have very limited credit. Some won't usually prefer for you to use those credits. This is just one of the things that you have to avoid when starting a lease.

Less hassle

You don't need to worry about disposal or resales. Moreover, you can say goodbye to micromanaging the maintenance of your copier. Part of our lease agreement is on-the-clock maintenance and repair. We take over this aspect so you can focus on your work.

What to look for in a copy machine before leasing

We made a detailed list of things that answers this question. However, here are some of the copier features that you have consider before signing a lease.


You need to have a copier that supports multitasking. This is especially true if your office requires more scanning, faxing, copying, and so on. Moreover, you don't have to purchase equipment for each task. That is the purpose of a multifunction printer. These all-in-one printers can really boost your productivity to greater levels. Furthermore, if your printing needs are not that demanding, then you can choose a simpler copier. In the end, you have to know your office's printing needs. Then you have to base your decision on that in choosing what functionalities you require from your copier.


This is when you have to carefully read the lease agreement before signing. Make sure that upgrades are permitted on the lease within the lease period. This will help you stay up to date with the latest technology available in the market. Furthermore, this will allow you to expand your machine as your business grows.

Energy Savings

Newer models support low emission and footprint of CO2. There are brands that have low power modes to save energy. At Flat Rate Copiers, we seriously consider and recommend these models if your office prefers units that are more eco-friendly.

Some more things to know before signing a lease

  • Read the agreement carefully. This should be your primary objective. Both parties are bound to honor the lease contract within the agreed period. You have to run through the clauses and make sure that your concerns are addressed before signing.
  • Stick on your needs. Many leasing agreements have so many extras. This means more additional costs. Be careful when this part is introduced. Remember to always stick to your office's basic requirements.
  • Deal wisely. This point must be seriously considered. You have to clear all the doubts you have in mind. Do not shy away from asking questions. Read the clauses thoroughly. Understand the terms and conditions. In a nutshell, don't commit when you still have doubts.

Get a copier lease in New York City now.

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