Copier Lease San Francisco: Read This Before Signing a Lease

Copier Lease in San Francisco, CA

copier lease san franciscoBusinesses in San Francisco, CA are realizing the need for a copier lease. Being the financial center of Northern California, San Francisco is a competitive ground for commerce. This means businesses need to deploy smart office solutions. One of which is a copier lease. There are many factors to consider when signing a lease for an equipment. If a copy machine is an integral, permanent utility for your business, copier leasing is the way to go. You should consider the amount of printing your office does in a month. Should you continue using desktop printers or try leasing a copier? How will a copier lease benefit your business?

Say goodbye to desktop printers

A copier lease in San Francisco isn't just a new trend. It is a business essential. There is a reason why many big offices in San Francisco are leasing their copiers. They understand the need for better financing. Furthermore, if you're envisioning your business to grow in the next few years, you have to do away with desktop printers. A copier lease simply has the capability to expand as your business grows. Moreover, desktop printers will become liabilities in the long run. They are not designed for heavy printing volume. Furthermore, they are bound to break down if your office continues with its average monthly printing. For example, you are printing at least 2000 prints per month. A decent desktop printer will maximize its yield by that time. You either have to hire a technician to fix it or buy a new one. Most of the time you'll end up buying a new one. Consequently, you have to think about the cost of getting rid of the old one. It's just wasted money over more wasted money. A copier lease enables you to do more. You won't have to think about your cost per print. There is no need for you to micromanage every printer breakdown. Moreover, you are spreading the cost of a single copy machine over a long period of time. On top of that is your maintenance deal with the leasing company. They will take care of toner supply, parts, labor, repair, and maintenance. As you decide to get a copier on lease, here are some things that could be useful for you all throughout the process of completing a lease.

Look out for hidden charges

We're not here to badmouth any copier leasing company. However, there are companies that somehow fail to mention certain parts of their quotation. As a result, you will get unpleasant surprises in your bill. There is an easy way to avoid it. At the time of proposal and getting a quotation, always ask about overage penalties. This is the where most companies hit you hard. You have a monthly usage limit. When you go over this limit, they charge you with penalty fees. Somehow, they don't mention this to you. Moreover, this is stated in the agreement but it's easy to miss. This brings us to our next point. At Flat Rate Copiers, we don't have overage penalties. When you go over your monthly usage limit, we only charge with a flat rate per print cost. This cost will be discussed and will be visible in our quotation.

Read the agreement thoroughly

Don't be discouraged if a lease agreement is very long of a document. You can take your time and skim through the clauses carefully. Furthermore, you can always ask the leasing company about the agreement. Everything under this piece of document should be discussed. This is so that both parties are in mutual understanding. Moreover, you can avoid any hidden charges with proper reviewing of the agreement. You also have to consider that you will be partners with the leasing company for the duration of the lease. This means you need to know if you can work with them with no problems whatsoever. Moreover, the agreement will specify all of your privileges and responsibilities as the lessee. Flat Rate Copiers encourages our prospect clients to always ask questions. Our experience tells us that this is the best way to avoid any future miscommunication between both parties.

Know your needs

Do not overcommit on the lease package. Make sure you add the items that your office needs. You have to know your average printing. Furthermore, you have to know what kind of add-ons you'd like to be included on the lease. In a sense, you just have to work around your budget. If you are a small business, a small multifunction all-in-one copier like this one is a perfect fit. You don't have to lease a bulky copy machine that could take up much space in your office. You also have to think about maintenance. There are a thousand moving parts of a copier. The bigger it gets, the higher the demand for maintenance.

Clear your doubts

Sometimes, committing a lease can be overwhelming. It is understandable since you have to be responsible to honor the agreement for the duration of the lease. As soon as you have doubts, try to communicate it with the leasing company. You have to make sure that you understand clearly the whole lease agreement. Furthermore, the leasing company should understand your expectations. You just have to simply verbalize everything that you want answered and addressed. Always clear all doubts before committing. In this case, do not sign that paper until all your doubts are addressed. These are just some of the things that you should consider. In a sense it applies to any other business ordeal. If you business instinct got you where you are today, then we believe you are on the right track.

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