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copier lease washingtonRead this guide to start your copier lease in Washington

Companies and big businesses are choosing a copier lease in Washington. We can see copiers in every corner of a corporate office. What's more impressive is that these machines are on lease agreements. This makes you wonder why big corporations choose to lease copiers. A copier lease means your business chooses smart financing. You don't have to release a hefty sum on a copy machine. Instead, you can spread that cost over 24 months or so. Furthermore, you can use that saved money on more business investments. You have to take into account your company's growth. As a result, a copier lease gives you more flexibility to work around your budget.

Things to consider when leasing a copier

If you are an office manager of a starting business, signing a lease on a copier can be overwhelming. This is more so if leasing is a whole new experience on your end. Sometimes you end up searching for some information on leasing over the internet. There are times when you would come across articles that dissuade you from leasing. What they don't tell you is that the pros of leasing far outweigh the cons. In a sense you still have to be extra careful. The whole process of inking the deal on a lease can be complex at times. There will be instances that you will be lost in the technicalities. At Flat Rate Copiers, we gathered some reminders and tips that you could use when applying for a copier lease.

Know the leasing company's history and track record

This is a given for any business partnership. You have to take some time in researching or finding out about the leasing company's history and track record. After all, you will be potential partners for the duration of the lease. It will be a waste of time and resources on your end if you end up with a leasing company that underperforms. Ask about their services, their technicians, and client record. If you are in the local community, you can ask if they have clients you know about. This is to gauge the leasing company's quality of service. Moreover, you have to know about their experience. It is very beneficial on your end if you partner with a leasing company that is already established. This means that they are striving in this industry for many years. They know the ins and outs of the business. Furthermore, you can rely on them to provide top-tier service. At Flat Rate Copiers, we have a combined 50 years of experience in the industry. We work with the best printer brands. Moreover, we are composed of the best certified technicians in the country. We are partners with successful companies in Miami, New York City, and provide national copier leasing service. Since 2010, we saw the growth of small and medium businesses, start-ups, and more companies in the business community as our partners.

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Read the lease agreement thoroughly

You always have to be on the safe side. This resonates more if you are a starting business. The whole new experience of leasing makes you vulnerable to mistakes. In this case, you have to be extra careful by the time you'll sign the lease agreement. Make sure you take your time to read the clauses. Furthermore, highlight the parts that you have questions about and address these to the leasing company. You have to make sure that these are cleared before you move forward. This piece of document can be technical and filled with legal jargons. Now, this is the time to gauge the leasing company you're about to work with. Ask if they can simplify the terms. If you have any doubts on certain clauses, make sure to communicate these with them. Do not sign a lease agreement if you have doubts.

Know your office printing needs

This includes the type of copier you need and the amount of printing that you do in the office. You have to know these especially when you calculate your cost per print. Your office could just use a small copier with less footprint. This is considering the number of people sending print jobs on the queue. Furthermore, this includes what kind of documents your office is copying and printing. This could range from just plain text documents to crisp quality images you need for marketing and promotion. Moreover, this is useful when considering add-ons. There are a lot of office workflows that can be improved with copier add-ons. You just have to know which ones you need. This is while taking your budget into context. Consequently, do not overcommit on add-ons. Simply consider the items that you think will be enough for your office's printing demands.

Look out for overage penalties

It is very important to look out for overage penalties in the contract. To be sure, ask the leasing company if there are any. This is common in most lease agreements. Once you go over your monthly usage limit, the leasing company will charge you per print. You have to know how much it costs or if there are other fees or penalties for overage. This is particularly useful so that you can avoid surprises in your monthly bills. At Flat Rate Copiers, we don't charge our customers with overage penalties. Our flat rate per print charge once you go over your monthly limit is stated in our contract and will be discussed before signing. Furthermore, we don't charge customers with any other penalties.

Sign a copier lease in Washington now. Get access to reliable multifunction printers for your office.

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