Ricoh Aficio Copier Leasing: Top Copy Machine Deals

Copy Machines, some will call them Multifunction copiers or Multifunction printers, but the common denominator is that they are capable of multiple functions at once. Usually this means that they can print, scan, copy and fax. It seems copy machines can do it all. However, before you rush out and buy the first copier or printer you should know if they all offer some advantage or disadvantage with respect to your actual printing needs. For instance; Do you print or have the need to copy paper larger than the standard legal and letter? If you don't then you have many options to choose from at prices low enough not to crush your budget.

You may need a true copy machine or stand alone office copier:

  • When you print scan or copy on 11x17 paper*
  • When you require full duplex (double sided) copies or scanning
  • When you want higher speed efficiency on scanning and printing
  • When you do a large volume of prints (over 5,000 -10,000+)
  • When you have multiple users sending simultaneous prints, fax, scan, copy

These are just a few reasons that those little printers that you can pick up an office supply store won't work for your business. Additionally, the larger copy machines like a Ricoh Aficio have longer yield on toner (some as much as 45,000 prints) before it needs to be replaced. When owning a copy machine like a Ricoh Aficio you can save hundreds of dollars per month on toner alone. This is Not advised with small ink and laserjet machines.

Some of the newer desktop printers have great new features like wifi and bluetooth options for printing from smartphone devices and network printing. These were traditionally seen as exclusive in the Ricoh Aficio full size office copy machines. Wifi Printers are now a common option for most desktop as well as stand alone copy machines.

Be sure to asses your office copying needs and paper sizes before selecting the copy machine, printer, fax, or copier that's right for your business.