Business Copier on Lease in Miami, FL

Maybe you’re just getting started with a small business or law firm, or maybe your last photocopier is running on its last gears, and it’s time for a new one, but it’s hard to front upwards of $15,000. Leasing a photocopier is a great solution to keep your business going without burning a hole in your pocket.

Business owners often think photocopier rental and leasing are the same thing, but at Flat Rate Copiers, we offer both rental and leasing as different packages. When you rent a photocopier, you’re usually just renting it for a short period of time, perhaps, a month.
Leased copiers come in the latest models without the wear and tear of a rented copy machine. Our copier leasing package comes with a maintenance plan, so you don’t have to worry about toner, parts, or repairs.
Today, though we’re living in the digital world and most businesses still run on paper.

HP, Canon, and Ricoh Photocopier Machines on Lease in Miami, FL

You can choose from a variety of models by HP, Canon, and Ricoh, but which brand is right for you?
 If you’re looking for the highest quality image, Canon is the way to go. Canon photocopiers offer you a crisp image and clean lines, but are a little pricier than our other brands. If your company depends on photos and designs, a Canon will keep your business running.
If you’re in need of something more affordable, Ricoh printers are a great option for the standard business printing and copying. Ricoh offers a range of different models and printer types, so you can get the one that matches your business’s unique needs.
HP is the brand of choice when it comes to compact and desktop printers. HP printers are the least expensive option, but offer fewer functions and have lower printing and copying capacity. This is a good choice if you just want to print a few invoices here and there.
Businesses in the Miami, FL area trust Flat Rate Copiers to lease powerful and long lasting photocopiers while delivering great customer services and maintenance options. For more information on why leasing a photocopier might be right for you, contact us over the phone or online!