Frequently Asked Questions

What is a copier lease?

A copier lease is an equipment lease of either a copy machine, printer, or any other multifunction device. The lease is for the equipment and usually comes with term options of 24,36,48, and 60 months.

Each copier lease is offered with a Maintenance Agreement. The Maintenance Agreement supports the copier or printer for the term of the lease and includes all of the toner, parts & labor. So essentially it acts as warranty that includes your toner.

Application and Qualifying

Will my business qualify for a copier lease?

This depends on the time in business and if the business has previous borrowing or business credit profile. If your business is new or a startup, you may need to sign as a guarantor. A Guarantor’s role is as a co-signer for the business and is usually only necessary for the first 18 months of the business. Once credit is establish a PG (Personal Guarantor) is no longer needed. In fact the copier lease with good payments, establishes the business credit score. It’s a great way to start building the business profile for future borrowing.

If I Personally Guarantee the lease will this be on my personal credit?

As a Guarantor you are essentially vouching for the business and telling the lender that you will take responsibility (personally) if the company fails to pay the lease. However the copier lease or printer lease is only written in the name of your business.


Locate Copier leasing: Are you searching for;

  •  copy machine near me?
  • commercial printers near me?
  • copy machines near me?
  • copier companies near me?


Copier companies

Most copier leasing companies near you are local dealers that have very strict quotas and limited territory. This creates a desperate environment of higher pricing and lower quality service. The next time you’re searching for “copier leasing companies near me” ?

Copy machines near me

If you are searching for copy machines near me it’s likely you’re in intimidate need to make copies and not in an ideal situation. This also means you are prepared to get in your car, drive a few miles, only to wait in line for the copy machine. Once you place your credit card in the machine you might be surprised to find these prints are costing you 0.25/print!!

Copier dealers near me and Printer leasing companies near me

When you’re finally searching for copier dealers near me or printer leasing companies near me, you’re on the right track. (printer leasing and copier leasing are synonymous) This begins the process of getting the equipment into your office and most importantly dropping the cost per print to just $0.01/print. Selecting a Dealer should be based on reviews, the dealers reputation for service, and the ability to qualify your business for the copier lease.

Copier leasing near me?

Finding a quality copier dealer is the objective of the search for copier leasing near me. Copier leasing is most often done over the phone, online, or even at your business location. Some of our customers enjoy visiting our showroom and inspecting the copiers while others just want the specs in a proposal. In either case Flat Rate Copiers can schedule a time to walk you through our showroom or visit your office onsite. Copier leasing near me is a useful way to locate the most approximate copier dealer near you.


Printer repair near me

When searching for printer service near me be prepared two types of printer repair technicians. There are dealer techs and independent techs. Many if not most independent techs worked previously for a dealer. So certifications are not as important as years of experience. Dealer printer and copier repair techs are among the most expensive, but fall back on manufacture support. So depending on what issue you are having with your printer or copier it may be beneficial to have the support of a dealer. If it is for example, an image quality issue, you may be able to save hundreds using an independent tech. At Flat Rate Copiers we offer dealer certified printer repair technicians at a the low cost of an independent company.

Canon printer repair near me

Canon printers and copiers are not easy to troubleshoot even for the most experienced technicians. If you have a Canon printer that is a managed print version (commercial copier) it highly advised you have this printer under a service agreement.  Canon printers and copiers work very well when properly maintained, but without a preventative maintenance agreement the breakdowns quickly become very expensive.