Finding a Photocopier in Miami, FL

Tips for purchasing the right photocopier in Miami, FL.

A photocopier is an important part of every business and can signify a large part of your monthly overheard expense, so choosing the right machine and vendor is key. Once who have chosen the right photocopier that fits your office needs then its time to find a vendor who can provide you with the photocopier you want at a price you can afford.

Here are some tips to remember when finding a vendor in Miami, FL.
  • Important Copier Features:

Every office has its own specific needs and when choosing the right photocopier it is important to know which features are most often used in your office setting. Nowadays most photocopiers come with fax, scanner, and various page formats as standard features. Page software's and documents sorters and paper feeders are additional features you might need and are not usually standard options. Always express to your salesperson all functions and features you expect to have with your new photocopier.

  • Overestimate Your Print Volume:

If you already lease or own a photocopier you pretty much have a good idea of your print volume.  Knowing how many prints you make per month is very important. The best way to figure out your monthly print volume is be seeing how many boxes or reams of paper you go through in a month. Knowing your print volume will help you figure out what print speed you'll be needing as well as your main print format; black/white or color.  By knowing how much you print and you main print format you'll be able to incur additional savings by purchasing a photocopier that specifically fits your needs. Overestimating the number of prints you think you'll be doing will also leave you some room for print errors that will occur when learning to operate your new photocopier.

  • Know Copier Language and Ask Many Questions:

Like most industries, the photocopier industry has its own terms and language. It's advisable to become familiar with some of the industry's lingo and acronyms so you do not get caught off guard when a salesperson starts speaking to you in abbreviations.  You'll most likely be able to get exactly what you want and at the right price if your familiar with photocopier terms and have done your research in advance.

Its important to get quotes from different vendors t not only compare pricing but to educate yourself on what might be the best photocopier for you. Different companies and vendors will be trying to gain your business so its important to ask the right questions and find out what makes one company better or different from the others. Most businesses nowadays have different offers and specials so make sure to ask them about any promotions they might be having on maintenance or lease terms. Remember a photocopier is a large investment so  feel free to negotiate.

  • Get Everything in Writing:

The first thing a vendor will send you is a quote with a breakdown of all the specs and features included in your photocopier purchase price. Make sure any estimates are written down in  an itemized quote.  Most companies will offer you a service contract with your printer which is always great to invest in. When reviewing a service contract make sure it itemizes everything that is included in your monthly maintenance. Some things to consider are: parts, labor, and technician response time.