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Key Deliverables

  • Flat Rate Copiers shall provide all supervision of installed equipment for errors, low toners and usage
  • Replace all toners before the original is used (at 20% remaining toner we FedEx new toners)
  • On-site training on copy, scan, and print functions

Capabilities and function of the leased equipment

  • Scan to file and scan to email
  • Duplex printing
  • Black/Color, Single Pass Double Sided Scanning
  • Speed dial / quick access buttons All copiers and printers shall have network print capabilities from Windows workstations and MAC versions

Multiple ways to request Support

FRC ALWAYS STRIVES FOR SAME DAY RESPONSE and commits to a 4 hour response time with an on-site technician for all clients. FRC will assign a dedicated technician for service calls. Our dedicated technicians are available Monday- Saturday from 9am - 5pm.
  • Open a support ticket on our website using this link
  • Call our 24 HR Customer Service Number 1-945-203-8505
  • Online Chat with one of our LIVE on line support members Monday- Friday from 9am-5pm
  • Email us at support@flatratecopiers.com
All FRC technicians are HP, Canon, Sharp, RICOH certified with over 20 years experience as copier technicians and or copier engineers.
  • Four hour response time and same- day-service. This speaks for itself, we’re local and we always have techs rotating in the area daily.

  • *Enterprise VIP customers will have an assigned dedicated technician for your properties. Your tech will visit the assigned location every 15 Days during a PM cycle (preventative maintenance). We’ve found that proactively maintaining the copiers and printers reduces 95% of all calls and toner shortages.

  • Advanced Print monitor software: Our state-of-the-art print monitor software enables our team to fetch meters for each printer and copier, a Live status of all toner levels per department, and error codes. An error on Any printer or copier in Any department will trigger the software to automatically open a service request ticket. The active ticket instantly notifies your assigned tech often before user report the issue or is even aware.

  • Tracking issues and Accountability: The Buck Stops here! Flat Rate Copiers offers a 24/7 LIVE customer service call center to dedicated to answering support calls. Our team will access your specific account, open a detailed trouble ticket, and dispatch techs. The Flat Rate Copiers customer service team will assign an Urgency level and update your supporting staff or IT personnel.


  • It all starts with this proposal. During this process we take the time to really narrow down the equipment that's right for your business.
  • Eliminate unnecessary equipment and keep costs within your office budget.


  • Once we have identified the right copier or printer for your needs then we start the Application process.
  • Our easy online Application will then be processed in only a few hours by our finance partners
  • Depending on how many years your business has been registered we might request additional information (bank statements or a personal guarantor)


  • A digital draft of our Maintenance and Lease Agreement will be emailed for your signatures.


  • Coordination of our teams is very important to keep office disruptions and downtime to a minimum.
  • Flat rate copiers will send {{fullname}} a link to our delivery questionnaire.
  • Scheduling delivery may sound simple, but please confirm if there are any of the following: Restricted dates, dedicated or reservations for elevators, insurance requirements by your property manager.

Setup and configuration

Once our tech is onsite he will need to guided to the designated location of the equipment. Our tech will setup and configure the copier to confirm it's fully functional and ready to installed on your network. Once the test prints are made the equipment is considered "setup" and is now ready to be connected to your network

Network and Drivers

If your office has an IT professional (certified) most of this process will actually depend on the availability of your IT tech and their access to passwords for computers, network passwords, and SMTP email credentials. *It's important to note that if Your IT tech cannot provide our tech these credentials or is unavailable, then Flat Rate Copiers will not be able to go beyond the Setup and configuration process. Without passwords, drivers, scan folders, etc, will be impossible to install.

With the necessary passwords, credentials, and cooperation from {{fullname}}'s team we can install drivers, setup scan folders, and scan to email on request.

Fax: If your equipment comes with an onboard fax, please note this is {{company}}'s responsibility to provide a live and functional analog fax line and phone number. Flat Rate Copiers does not support custom configuration of faxes or VOIP compatibility settings.

Based on our preliminary discussion of your needs, the following quote had been prepared for {{fullname}}

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About Us

Flat Rate Copiers established in 2010 with a mission to reach out to small and medium businesses that needed affordable printing solutions. The printing industry seemed ripe for modern change and instant results so we created the online "Instant Quote". We've all heard of this in other industries like insurance, so we thought, why not copiers.. Since then we've improved and supported thousands of businesses and we're just getting started with enhanced proactive service technicians we provide stellar service to All of our clients. We constantly seek new ways to minimize possible downtime and have included shipping and toners with all of our service contracts. Flat Rate Copiers has grown exponentially and shattered all annual sales goals. We are grateful to our customers for the encouragement, faith, and support we get from them.

Flat Rate Service and Transparency: Our industry has been known to make it difficult to find straight forward pricing and has tendencies to hide true service fees. We felt this needed to be changed. Flat Rate Copiers believes in upfront pricing, fee disclosure, and transparent service rates all of which you will find in this very proposal.