Your Copier Needs a Surge Protector: Here Are The Reasons Why

Search results for: surge protector for copiers Any office equipment is a business investment. A copier in particular is a big one. Now, there will be instances that these machines break down. One nasty reason for this is damage from voltage surges.
Most of the time when a copier refuses to turn on, it has something to do with its power source. It is in fact a common occurrence among offices. What's worse is that these incidents are not covered by warranties. It is indeed a big yikes.
Equipment damage from these surges is considered human error. This is the reason why manufacturers refuse to cover this under warranty. They would argue that it can be prevented by taking the right precautions.
One such precaution is using a surge protector.
You will know when your copier is taking damage from surges. Most of the time it will display an error message on the control panel screen. However, there are worse instances when a copier's board is completely blown out. As a result, the machine is rendered useless. You have to replace the damaged parts.
A surge protector is in its very meaning will protect your equipment from sudden and extremely dangerous voltage surges. Now, what does a surge protector exactly do?
When there is a power surge, the voltage will spike at a level that, if your copier is unprotected, will cause the full force of the voltage to enter the system, causing it to fry the hardware and ruin thousands of dollars of equipment. A surge protector serves as a shield for the copier, blocking or grounding the spike in voltage so that your equipment remains unharmed.

Power strip vs surge protector

Now, there is a difference between a regular power strip and a surge protector. Power strips simply serve as an extension of a wall outlet, so they serve little to no protection when power spikes occur. Surge protectors protect the circuits based on the number of joules or units of energy they can resist. They serve as a wall or shield. They protect your equipment from significant, devastating damage. As a result, thousands of dollars can be saved by using a surge protector.
It is fairly simple. However, there are two things that are often overlooked.

1. Use a surge protector specific for copiers

Yes, there are surge protectors specifically made for copy machines. There is no guarantee that a generic surge protector will do the work for your copier. You have to be on the safe side on this. Use a reliable copier surge protector.
The confusion probably stems from figuring out what type of surge protector is sufficient enough for a copier. We are talking about the copier load since most copiers draw 8-12 amps. There are strip protectors that can be bought online. However, these types won't be able to handle the load.
At Flat Rate Copiers, you can ask our experts on our recommended copier surge protectors.

2. Don't plug multiple copiers into one surge protector

This is a common mistake that we see in some offices. Yes, it is good that you are using a surge protector for the machines. However, it is not advisable to plug all of them into one surge protector. You will likely cause more harm than good on the machines.
What happens is that when you plug them in a single surge protector, the protection that the surge protector gives is divided among the copiers. If you have more copiers, you have less protection in each one.
Moreover, there are instances when a couple of those copiers will take the brunt of the surge while the others are protected.
It is ideal to have one surge protector for each copier. This is to ensure that each machine can utilize the full usage of the surge protector.

Benefits of a surge protector

This investment has proven to actually increase the performance of the equipment while proportionately decreasing down time. This is the one single purchase that could actually increase productivity in your office without a huge outlay of cash.
Moreover, a surge protector is relatively cheaper than replacing fried boards on a copier. It can cost several thousand dollars to fix. In the end it's just good business instinct to use surge protectors for your copiers. However, always remember to purchase the right type for your copiers. You don't want your copiers being protected by a $15 surge protector. Depending on the voltage requirements of the machine, a good protector will run between $100 and $250.
Protect your investment with this device. You can avoid totally unnecessary expenses on repair. Furthermore, this gives you peace of mind. You know that your equipment are well protected from catastrophic voltage surges.
Lastly, it is your responsibility to protect your equipment from voltage surges. Buying surge protectors for copiers can increase this protection. In the end, you never know when or where a voltage surge will strike.

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