Copier Repair at Flat Rate Copiers: Things You Need to Know

Copier Repair: Things You Need to Know Before Calling a Repair Technician

Printing, copying, scanning - these are the lifeblood of office work. The copy machine is at the center of office printing. Now, what will happen once your copier consumes its yield and stops working? Your first instinct is to call a copier repair service. Then you find out it is too expensive. Your office work is stalled and you lose money by the minute. It is a real office nightmare. If you are the office manager, what are your options? Here are some things to consider before calling a copier repair technician:

Guaranteed resolution

In a nutshell, a copier repair will result to either getting your unit actually repaired, replacing parts, or ditching the unit altogether. As an office manager, you want your copy machine fixed. You think about the office downtime. This event suspends a lot of your office paper work. You call a copier repair service in naïve hopes that they will get things done. Copier repair companies will sell you guaranteed resolution. However, the question is for how long? With what methods? What did it actually cost you to repair your unit? A guaranteed resolution is a broad term. It could mean a lot of things. For example, this could mean that your unit will need replacement parts. A repair technician suggests a list of parts that you need to buy. How can they guarantee that these parts will fix your problem? Your office downtime worsens as you wait for these parts to arrive. Your business is bleeding money by the hour. At this point, is it still worth it? Virtually anyone can guarantee resolution - until it's too late. Don't fall for sweet talk on any guaranteed resolution. A certified technician won't guarantee anything unless he gets to the bottom of the problem. He will let you in on details and share probable causes. You will know you called a legitimate technician when he systematically breaks down the issue for you. Moreover, no details are left unexplained. Finally, always look out for details that seem to good to be true.

Hourly cost

Copier repair technicians charge you an hourly rate of around $80-$100. They charge more in some states. Moreover, troubleshooting takes time. The clock is ticking as you wait for resolution. Then in most cases they will tell you that parts need to be replaced. You will shoulder the cost of those parts. That expense will be on top of the hourly rate you pay for the technicians. Consequently, the parts will arrive. It will take time to install them. In the long run, sure, your unit is all good and dandy. The office resumes business as usual. You think all is well. Then they send you the bill. You feel like having a heart attack. Why did it cost you so much? The breakdown is too sketchy. You just realized that the parts bought cost you a lot. The hourly rates skyrocketed. You think you needed your copy machine fixed but not at this cost. Then you further realize that you spent money on two ends. Your office downtime suspended your paper works. You know what those papers are for. Then you spent more money fixing your copy machine. Unfortunately, you know that something is not right. There should be a better solution.

Copier repair scams

Most of our customers came out of rental agreements. Moreover, some of them were victims of repair scams. These businesses work hard to keep the company afloat. However, there will always be sketchy elements out there. Your business relies on working copy machines on a daily basis. This makes you vulnerable to these scams once your unit stops working. Your first option is always to call a copier repair service. You will probably do a Google search for "printer repair near me". You call a number and a deal is agreed upon. Now the technician arrives and inspects your unit. His hourly rate starts. This is when you have to keep a keen eye. How long did he inspect your unit? Did he explain to you some details? Was he able to enumerate a list of hypotheses as to why your unit broke down? Did he explain any technical terms?

Real troubleshooting

In many instances, these scams are doing blind troubleshooting. There is no way of knowing if they sent you a certified repair technician for the job. It is too easy to say and formulate probable cause if you are doing it for a long time now. However, troubleshooting is systematic and concise. It covers a step-by-step process of eliminating probabilities. No guarantees will be made unless the root cause of the issue is determined. A certified technician should work like this. Keep an eye out for signs of blind troubleshooting.


Let's go back to our example. Now, this is when more of the funny business happens. After inspecting your unit, they will tell you that these so and so parts need to be replaced. They guarantee that your unit will work fine once these parts are replaced. Of course, you have to buy these parts. As we emphasize again on the term mentioned earlier, these guys are doing blind troubleshooting. Is there any assurance that these are the parts that need to be replaced? What led them to this conclusion? The worst is yet to come. Now, the parts arrived. It will take them time to install them. If you have come this far you know what we're thinking: hourly rate. Finally, all is set. The moment of truth has arrived. You expect your copy machine to be alive and working. However, unsurprisingly, the unit is still not working. Your copier repair technician is wondering, too. What could have gone wrong? Were the parts supposed to fix the problem? This is when they pull off the last act of the scam. They will tell you that your unit needs to be replaced. Yes, the whole thing. Moreover, they will tell you a lot of things to convince you that the copy machine cannot be saved anymore. They will throw a lot of phony technical terms. You get lost and you feel nauseous. There is a term for what they are doing to you: gaslighting. It is one of the nastiest tricks any scam can do. Your office downtime worsens while all of this happens. Something is not right. There should be a better solution. There is a better solution.

How a copier lease saves you from the dangers of copier repair scams

We have our fair share of catering to customers who fell victims to repair scams. Some of them are targeting small and medium businesses. They are hurting the industry as a whole. Your lease with Flat Rate Copiers entitles you to security. Our Maintenance Agreement gives you the assurance that we operate with transparency and honesty. Our certified technicians are trained to engage you professionally. We will always explain why parts need to be replaced. We always set your expectations straight. Blind troubleshooting? We don't know it. Our troubleshooting gets to the bottom of the issue. Moreover, we perform preventive maintenance. This ensures that we can avoid office downtime as much as possible. Our Enterprise VIP support level gives you multiple monthly visits. We make sure that your office is on a 99% uptime. A copier lease with us also saves you money on repairs. We don't charge you an hourly rate. The lease covers everything on repair and maintenance. You don't have to call another copier repair service company again. Expenses are spread over the term of your lease.

Ease of doing business with Flat Rate Copiers

We want to make sure that office printing will be smooth and efficient for your business. Our technicians are trained to be on top of any situation. Moreover, there will be no hidden charges on your bills. There are no changes on our terms. Also, we don't do funny business. We are all about transparency and credibility. We make sure that our customers have ease of doing business with us.

Don't call a repair tech. Call Flat Rate Copiers

Your lease with us gives you access to our same-day repair service. We guarantee a 3-4 hour response time. Moreover, we deploy certified technicians to get things done. Don't call another repair tech. Instead, call Flat Rate Copiers at 877-781-5112. Gain access to our 24/7 phone support once you sign a lease with us. Talk to our experts and ask any questions. Avoid repair scams if you sign a lease with Flat Rate Copiers. Our lease gives you transparency and security. We deploy certified copier repair technicians for you. Moreover, our combined 50 years of experience and expertise in the field gives us the edge and confidence that we get things done.

Be the Office Hero

Our customers saved up to 40% from printing expenses once they signed a lease with us. Be the office hero as you bring copier leasing to your office. Reward your business with long-term benefits of a lease with Flat Rate Copiers.

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