Get Meter Readings on Ricoh, HP, Samsung Copiers & More

Instructions for Meter Reading Retrievals on Ricoh MP 301

Step 1: Press the 123  User Tools/Counter button (usually located on top left hand corner of operation panel).

Step 2:  Select or press the  Counter  button on the display.

Step 3: Select or press the  Print Counter List  button.

Step 4:  Press the  Start  button to print counter list (usually located on bottom right hand corner of operation panel).

Step 5:  Please refer to your Counter List print-out.

You can also refer to this video: On most Ricoh copier systems, to retrieve the meter count you'll want to locate the “User Tools/ Counter” button, located either on the right side or on the left top corner of the control panel, and press that. If you have the tablet interface, you'll just want to swipe right, locate the “User Tools” button and press on that. This will take you to your general settings home page. From there just click on “Counter” which is located in the bottom right corner. This will display your meter reading. For your black-and-white systems, you will just need the black-and-white total count. If a color system, you will need both the black and white count as well as a color count. For a hard copy of your meter reading, on the bottom right corner of the same screen, press “Print Counter List” and then hit your Start key to print. Now you have your meter reading.

Meter reading for HP E77822 and HP A3 E77825

Under Reports menu item you will find Configuration Page and Usage Page.

In the configuration page the field "Engine Cycles" is the one that represents the times the printer printed something. In the usage page, you can see in more detail the pages printed based on size, color, function. You can also refer to this video:

Meter Reading for Samsung C406x

1. Press Machine Status. ( button on control panel) 2. Scroll down using arrow keys to Reports and press Enter. 3. Scroll sideways to Billing/Counters and press Enter. 4. Report Total Impressions displayed on the printed page. You can also refer to this video:

How to get meter reading on Sharp copiers

For your Sharp copier system, to retrieve the meter count just click on the “Settings” icon on the touchscreen display. Then on the left menu bar, you'll select “System Settings.” From there, it will display your meter reading. You can print a hard copy by just clicking “Print.” If you have a black and white system, you will just need your black-and-white total. If a color system, you will need your black-and-white total and your color total.

Getting the meter on your Kyocera copier

For your Kyocera system, to retrieve the meter count you'll just want to locate the “Counter” button on the control panel. From here, your copier screen will display your meter reading. You can print off a copy by going pressing the “Print Status Page” button on the screen, and clicking “Yes.” Now you have a hard copy. If you have a black and white system, you will just need your black-and-white total. If a color system, you will need your black-and-white total and your color total.

How to get meter reading on Lexmark copier

For your Lexmark system, to retrieve the meter count you will want to click on your menu options button located in the bottom right corner. From there you're going to click on “Reports” and then you're going to choose “Device Statistics”. It will immediately print out your meter reading page. The page will give you a ton of information, but what you are looking for listed underneath “Media Printed Side Count,” you will look for under “Total”. You will only need the “Mono” total if you have a black-and-white system. But if you have a color system, you will need the “Mono” total and the “Color” total.

Meter Reading for a Savin Multi-function Printer

  1. Swipe over to “User Tools”
  2. Click on “Counter”
This will bring up your options for meter reading. If you don’t have a touch-screen Savin printer, click the manual button “User Tools/Counter” to the right of the number keypad. Then page through the menu until you see “Counter” listed. Select this and it will give you the information you need for a meter reading. Savin = User Tools

Meter Reading for a Toshiba Printer

  1. Hit the manual button that reads “Counter”
  2. Select “Total Counter”
  3. Then click on “Print Counter”
The screen will display your total values of black & white, color, and the combined totals. To print your totals, return to the “Options” menu and select, “Print Out Total Counter.” Toshiba = Counter

Meter Reading for a Lanier Printer

Locate the “User Tools” button on the top left of the printer. Press this one time. The screen will display several options. Select the one in the lower left that reads, “Counter.” This will display your total count. An option to print the list will be on this screen in the lower right hand corner, reading, “Print Counter List.” After selecting this, simply hit your green “Start” button on your printer. Press “Exit” twice if you wish to go back to the main screen. Lanier = User Tools

Meter Reading for a Brother Printer

  1. Use your arrow keys to navigate to “Machine Info” and hit OK
  2. Find the option that says “Page Count” and hit OK again
  3. This will give you three options of viewing your page counts: color, monochrome, or the total count
  4. Select “Total” and hit your OK key to display the total page count
For Brother printers there is also a software program you can install on your PC to have your meter reading sent to you via email. Visit their website and use their “Product Search” to find your printer model. After selecting your exact model, (example: MFC-L6900DW) choose the “Downloads” option at the top of the list. It will ask you to identify your operating system (example: Windows 10 64-bit). Scroll down until you see the  “Management Tool” section. Under this will be a title “Brother Meter Read Tool” which you can click to take you to your download. Once you click on the blue button the button the download will automatically start. Follow the instructions on the next screen for any further installation questions. Brother = Machine Info

Meter Reading for a Copystar Printer

There should be a button that reads, “Counter” to the left of your display screen on the printer. This will pull up a meter reading on your display for monochrome, copies, fax, and total prints of your machine. In the display’s lower left corner there should be an option to print your meter reading. Copystar = Counter

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