Copier Lease vs. Buy – What Do Most Successful Companies Prefer?

The Copier Lease vs. Buy Debate

Why a Copier Lease is a Good Solution for Most Businesses

Business owners and managers are often faced with the decision of whether to lease a copy machine or buy one.  Buying a copier may seem like an attractive option. But there are several reasons why a copier lease wins out in the copier lease vs. buy debate.

A copier lease may be more economical in the long run and provide your business with immediate tax benefits. It may also be hassle-free and allow you the flexibility to upgrade your machine. And, at Flat Rate Copiers, we value transparency. So, in addition to these benefits, when you lease a copy machine with us, you never have any unexpected charges.


Let’s take a more detailed look at these factors.

Copier Lease vs. Buy: A Copier Lease May Be Better for Your Budget

A copier can cost thousands of dollars.  When you buy a copier, you pay this amount upfront. When you lease a copy machine, you can spread out the payments over the term of the lease.

Worried about interest on the lease?  Generally, well qualified customers will pay interest rates as low as 5% on their copier leases. And right now, interest rates are historically low. You may be able to lease a copy machine and lock in an even better deal!

Be careful when considering store bought machines that seem to be a good deal. By the end of the copier’s useful life, you may have spent more on it than you would have if you had chosen to lease a copy machine. The costs of supplies and maintenance or repairs costs soon add up to make it a pretty hefty price tag. All these items are typically included in copier leases. And at Flat Rate Copiers the cost of labor is also included in the copier lease rates.

The costs of delivery and disposal may also add to the expense of owning a copier. These things are typically part of the deal when you lease a copy machine.

Copier Lease vs. Buy: A Copier Lease Means No Hassles

If you buy a copier, you must arrange for maintenance, supplies like toner, and service every time something goes awry! This can be frustrating and time consuming! Copiers rarely break down on a slow day in the office!

When you lease a copy machine, you are free of these hassles. Most copier leases include preventative maintenance and repair services. Copier leases also include supplies like toner, and parts that may need replacement during repairs! Delivery and disposal of the machine are not your problem either!

At Flat Rate Copiers, our leases include these items as well as labor for our same day repair services.

Copier Lease vs. Buy: A Flat Rate Copiers Lease Means No Unexpected Costs

Usage determines the cost of a copier lease. And some copier leases include penalties for overages. Most businesses will provide an estimate of their usage when lease a copy machine. But what if you were wrong in estimating your usage? You’re in for a shocker: the charges on your monthly invoice may be much higher than expected! Not a fun surprise! The terms of the lease may also hold you to that erroneous usage estimate for the duration of the lease. Not a good situation to find yourself in!

Flat Rate Copiers is transparent about its copier lease rates. Our copier leases do have usage limits, but we do not have overage penalty rates. We have a flat rate for any prints over the monthly usage limit. And we calculate all prints – color and black and white – at the same flat rate. This is another reason why a copier lease with Flat Rate Copiers wins the copier lease vs. buy debate!

Copier Lease vs. Buy: A Copier Lease Gives You More Flexibility

The useful life of a copier is shorter than you might think! It is anywhere between 3 to 5 years. Generally, after 5 years, you may be able to replace some components, but it is more likely that the copier will be unrepairable. Moreover, in this age of technology, copier manufacturers are constantly improving copier technology. And your business’ needs may evolve so that you require a more technologically advanced copy machine.

With a copier lease, you may be able to update your copy machine from time to time. Buying a copier is a huge financial investment. You might have to hold on to it longer for your investment to make sense. But after about five years, it’s unlikely you would be able to. Also, you shouldn’t expect to recoup a lot of your expenditure if you choose to sell it. The value of a copier depreciates over time.

Copier Lease vs. Buy: Tax Considerations

The cost of a copier lease can be immediately deducted on your taxes as a business expense each year. Tax authorities are likely to view an owned copier as taxable personal property. It is best to consult your tax accountant and consider the copier lease vs. buy decision from a tax perspective.


In the copier lease vs. buy debate, most businesses stand to benefit when they decide to lease a copy machine, even though copier lease rates may seem high. A copier lease is financially beneficial. It also allows for hassle free maintenance, repair services and the flexibility to upgrade your machine as your needs evolve.  At Flat Rate Copiers, it also gives you peace of mind, knowing that you will not incur unexpected charges and that same day copier repair service is just a request away!