types of printers

Types of Printers – Avoid Wasting Money On Expensive Inks And Toners

Types of Printers

Setting up your office can be a difficult task on its own, especially when considering the workflow and the printing that your office requires. Here we take a look at which types of printers best suits your office needs and how to avoid wasting money on expensive inks and toners.

Let’s go through the different types of printers and some of their specific function and duties. The types of printers that we’ll cover range from the color laser printers, monochrome laser printer, wifi printer, the all in one laser printer. Though much hasn’t changed over the years in terms of the function of the printer, here is an overview of the different types of printers and new options that are available today.

All In One Laser Printer

The all in one laser printer you may be familiar with suggests that the functions of that printer will be to scan, copy, fax, and print. The all in one laser printer is considered the go-to least expensive, easiest to network type of printer that we all first consider when starting our business. However, as your business grows and printed volumes increase your office painfully outgrows the small printer. The major Pitfall of the all in one laser printer that we get from The Big Box store is they are specifically designed to be inexpensive, however the profits are driven through the sale of the very expensive and low yield inks and toners. At this point a copier lease with a lower cost per print really starts to make sense, especially since the toners come with complete support and repair included. To learn more about leasing and all in one printer you can click here.

Color Laser Printers

Color Laser Printers are the most popular option. These are built to conserve space and oftentimes are offered as a desktop version. However, color laser printers also come as full-size printers that can handle paper sizes as large as 12in x 18in. Most of these small printers may come as the multifunction all-in-one type of printer or maybe offered as a printer only.

However, we typically see color laser printers used for office volume and color production printing. Color production printing involves the making of brochures, business cards with heavy stock paper and typically the color Laser Printers are a part of a suite of printers and color production machines.In an office environment color Laser Printers are typically utilized as convenience or remote satellite printers to help support the overall Office printing profile.

Monochrome Laser Printers

Monochrome Laser Printers are nearly identical to the color laser counterpart. When we took the average measurements we noticed these are truly made to conserve space and typically set on top of a desktop. They come with a variety of speed options, but other than that they’re pretty much straight forward what you’d expect. These are the No Frills, just get the job done Printers. Monochrome Laser Printers can be found tucked under most hotel lobbies, concierge, Spas, and salons. However, this isn’t the limitation of the use of the small printers. Monochrome Laser Printers play a vital role in government and educational institutions for printing and conserving cost per print. because monochrome Laser Printers have fewer moving parts then their counterpart the color laser printer, the cost per print is typically a fraction of what you would see for any all-in-one laser printer. monochrome Laser Printers are known for their reliability oh, they’re extended life., and the very low cost of operation. So, if you do not need to scan or make copies but do a volume of printing in your office the monochrome Laser Printers are great option to consider.

Wifi Printer

One of the more convenient options that we found on both the monochrome laser printer, color Laser Printers, monochrome Laser Printers, and the all-in-one laser printer is the wifi printer option. The wifi printer can be a great advantage to the user who may be limited on hard-line network ports, an ad hoc network, or just someone without a lot of space. The wifi printer gained most of its popularity within the last 10 years because of the Improvement and increase in wifi frequency range. Wifi printers do have their limitations, depending on your network, how thick the walls are in your office, and external interference. When considering adding the option for a wifi printer also consider these are not the most stable or secure types of printers.In fact, your network administrator or perhaps your business consultant may advise you against the use of wifi printer on your network for auditing purposes especially from government agencies.


Complete Printer Repair: Copiers, Fax, WiFi Models

Printer repair, Printers, copiers and fax machines, wifi printer

Are you considering selecting printers, copiers and fax machines?  If so, it’s important to consider these key points.


  • The volume of printing your office or home office anticipate printing on a monthly basis. You may also want to know how many of these prints are going to be in color.
  • The logic behind understanding these fundamental details is to save money where it counts, the only place that counts and that is the cost per print. That’s all this breaks down to; the cost per print is what separates highly efficient printers, copiers and fax machines, and just another big box store multifunction.



You may notice that much of what you can find online from big box and online retailers are the smaller, desktop multi-functions. Though initially, you may feel that you’re saving money by purchasing one of these Hi-Tech printers and copiers, almost immediately the savings are out the window. Most manufacturers specifically designed these compact ATMs with the understanding that much of their profit will come from the sales of their very low and inefficient toners. Now, if we’re talking about a start-up home office that perhaps doesn’t produce many copies or even use a fax machine, this may be a great alternative to running to the print shop or investing in a more efficient office copier.


Another consideration when selecting printers, copiers and fax machines is the small technical features or upgrades that are offered by the manufacturer. For example, understanding if the copier is available with the built-in fax machines, or even perhaps a wifi printer. Wifi printers are something that most manufacturers have developed for these small desktops because the assumption is that in a small home office you’re likely not to be too far from your wifi connection. However, when in a commercial space or an office environment typically you’ll find that wifi printer option is not always preferred because of poor reliability and reception from the wifi router. Flat Rate Copiers offers a wide range of commercial grade office printers, copiers and fax machines.

Printer Repair and Service

The final and most vital component to consider is the service aspect of your office usage. Whether you’re working from home or have a small to medium business the goal is to avoid downtime. Eventually, the printers, copiers and fax machines play a larger and more vital role in your business, and suffering from downtime can grind your business to a halt. At Flat Rate Copiers we provide service repair contracts for printer repair, copy machine repair, and wifi printer. Printer repair can be extremely expensive. most printer repair companies or copier text full charge between on average $100 – $250 per hour! The printer repair then becomes a much larger investment then perhaps the small desktop printer cost you in the first place.

At Flat Rate Copiers, we have experts that you can call to discuss the most affordable, the most reliable, and the most efficient way to keep your office up and running.The printers, copiers and fax machines found available for lease on our website all offer the option to choose a wifi printer, add a fax machine, and add a service contract.

Copier lease Dallas

Copier Lease in Dallas, TX

Things you must know before leasing Copier Machines in Dallas.

In some companies, leasing copier machines make a better economic sense than purchasing it. In fact, most of the organizations prefer Copier lease Dallas than buying it for the plethora of reasons.

Why lease a Copier Machine in Dallas?

• Avail Cost-Saving Benefits

Multifunctional, High-end copier machines can cost hundreds of dollar and that may affect your machine’s budget. On the other side, you can get copier machines in the lease for the business. With 1, 2, or 3 years copier Lease Dallas Agreement, you can manage the cost of the machine with time. And, after the end of the lease agreement, you can even buy a machine in very less amount of cost.

• Easy Maintenance and Service

Most of the copier lease agreements include the maintained, service, and repair charges of the critical machine parts. The repair may cost you the thousands of dollar on a purchased machine. Fortunately, by Signing in the lease, you can save yourself from paying the additional repair and machine charges.

• Free-Trade ups

Most of the Copier lease Dallas agreements allow the customers for copier trade-ups once the machine becomes obsolete or slow. And, with the advancement of technology, by the end of the lease agreement, you probably need a new copier machine for the company.

To lease a copier machine in Dallas, you have to pay a small amount of fee every month instead of paying a lump-sum amount for purchase. Also, you get an option to customize the lease agreement. One is – ‘$1 buyout clause”, which means at the end of the agreement, you can buy a copier macromere just at $1. In the other option, you need to pay a fair market price to keep the copier machine.

Both the options are good if you desire to keep the copier machine for future use. Also, while paying the tax, you can deduct the Month lease amount as a Business expense.

Who Owns the Copier Machine?

Technically, in the lease agreement, the copier machine is still owned by the contractor or a company that has issued the lease agreement. Many times, company offers your Copier Lease Dallas, but usually, it’s a third party or manufacturer who takes care of it.

Thus, you do not own actually on a copier machine in the lease situation until you buy it. Some of the leases are structured in such a way that you can purchase the machine at the end of the lease agreement.

Things you should take care of:

If you decided to go for Copier Lease Dallas, there are certain things you must ask every contractor or dealer from whom you receive the price quote. Following are the things that you must consider when looking for the copier lease agreement.

How many copies do you make a month? Sometimes, you just have a requirement of a couple of thousands of copies but, due to advanced sales tactics, you end up buying multiple copier machines than your requirement. Make a not that never get bullied because of high-pressure sale tactics.

Do you have enough space and sources to lease a commercial copier machine? You have to make sure that you have enough space to place the copier machines and sources like power-supply to run the machine.

Does Copier Lease Agreement force you to buy paper or use the repair staff of leasing company? Remember, you have the right to purchase the own paper and contract with third-party technicians for the repair, if not covered under the lease agreement.

Sum Up

Leasing A Copier Machine in Dallas


There are a lot of benefits of getting a copier machine Dallas in the lease which you may able afford easily and on the other hand, it also helps you in the growth of the business. Also, at the end of the copier lease agreement, you get an opportunity to roll the lease payments into a new copier machine. This can result in the faster copy speeds, prints, advanced capabilities and simple offers you an opportunity to upgrade and match the business requirements in a better manner.

When the multiple copier machines are included, the lease agreement could be a great way to enjoy the cost-saving benefits, meet business goals, and enjoy the upgrades constantly in every upcoming year.

This way, many business organizations get frequent opportunities to bolster or upgrade their business capabilities for the better growth of their business.

And for those who prefer the graphical representations, here is one outlining the basic fleshed out above:

Lease Buy:

Who Owns the Copier Machine? Leasing Manufacturer or Company. Customer
Depreciating Asset/Deductible
Comes under the Deductible expense in case of leasing. It’s a Depreciating assets
Maintenance Maintained by the Leasing Company Third party contract.
Future proofing and Upgrades
Regular Upgrades Long term use of the machine without an upgrade.

Thus, we can say that Copier Lease Dallas could be the best option through which you can meet your business requirements without compromising with the business budget. So, if you have decided to get a copier machine in the lease, visit flatratecopiers.com and grab the best deal for you. Here, you can check the plethora of options and after that make the best choice for leasing the copier machine in Dallas.

Copy Machine Rental Costs | Get Free Quote Online

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Copy Machine?

Finding the right company to rent a copy machine from can be a daunting task. There are so many questions to ask before renting a copy machine. In this article we’ll cover the cost per copy and the pitfalls of short term copier rentals vs copier leasing.

When your business is considering whether to rent a copy machine or lease a copier it’s important that we breakdown the difference between the two. “Renting” vs “Leasing” a copy machine.

Typically, with copy machine rentals there are several costs associated with the rental. For example you’d start by considering the price of renting the actual copy machine plus the price for monthly service.

The Service and maintenance of the rental copy machine is calculated by the price per print of both color and black and white prints made. We’ve noticed many companies that offer short term rentals typically charge an average of $0.12 /print for Black and $0.20 for each color print. In contrast leasing a copier would be $0.01 Black prints and $0.06 for Color depending on the make and model of the printer or copier.

Other hidden costs for either would be the price for delivery and installation. (Range between $150-$200). This should also be considered when you have to return the copier, most companies require Your business to pay to ship the copier back to them. This can range from $250-$500

Here are some other questions to consider:

1. How many months do I lease for?
2. How much do I pay per print?
3. How much is the lease price of just the copier?
4. Are there any prints included?
5. What’s the difference between renting a copier or leasing a copier?


Once you have an understanding of the questions above, it’s pretty clear that renting a copy machine is typically much more costly than leasing a copy machine.

Another oversight that many customer’s don’t consider is though Your commitment in a short term rental is very limited, so to is the vendor’s commitment to your business. You may quickly see the quality of your service diminish when you need it the most.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Copy Machine:

Should you decide to lease a copy machine with Flat Rate Copiers instead of renting a copy machine, FRC guarantee’s copy machine service with your monthly maintenance agreement and copy machines at the most competitive price.

With our lease maintenance agreements all toners, parts and labor are included. This yet another major consideration when asking “How much does it cost to rent a copy machine?”

Flat Rate Copiers ensures all of its customers receive same day response time on all copier service calls or repair issues when they lease a copier.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Copy Machine?

Leasing a copy machine is a great alternative for any business interested in building business credit but it also covers any expense or issues the copy machine can have including copy machine service calls.

3 Key Copier Functions | Flat Rate Copier, Miami, FL


Things Copier can doI bet there are so many great things your office multi function printer is capable of doing that you have not exploited! Besides printing, copying, and scanning did you know you could download apps directly from your office printer, save you ink, back up files on a cloud server, and can work with other devices. As your local source for copier leasing in Miami, Fl and the greater Miami-Dade County area we’ve discovered that there are some really great features, especially the newer copier models, that most of our customers never exploit or even know are there.
In this articles we’d like to show you 3 VERY COOL THINGS our multi function copiers do that you probably didn’t know.





Not all office printers offer this capability but the newer models especially those of top manufacturers like HP, Samsung, Ricoh, and Canon offer the means to download apps directly from the printer itself. These apps allow you to print calendar’s, daily crossword puzzles, and tons of other fun features that offer great value to our customers.



Newer copiers now come with storage space directly in them or a slot for an SD card for additional scanning storage. You’re multi function copier will now become a place where you can backup documents, files, scanned docs, and any tem you would lie to have on hand for future reoccurring printing. Some of the more up to date printers even offer the ability to print from you’re mobile device. By configuring a setting on the printer you’ll have access to print directly from your phone, laptop, or even your tablet.



There are some great apps such as Ecofont that allows your employees to print from fonts that are perforated. This allows you to print fonts while using less ink because it punches small holes in the them. This can actually help you cut your ink cost also by 50% each year. You can also configure a setting in your office printer to “draft mode” where you can also save on ink.

Get your instant online quote today by visiting our website www.flatratecopiers.com we guarantee approval and can get a multi function copier that fits your office printing needs within 5 business days!