Copier Equipment Leasing Lenders Loosen Their Grip.

Copier Equipment Leasing Lenders in a recent report of The Equipment Leasing & Finance Association’s Survey of Economic Activity (a monthly leasing and finance index) had  good news for businesses taking advantage of lower interest rates.

As reported by there where several indicators gathered by Association.  A select group of 25 copier leasing lenders and equipment leasing finance companies reported an improvement from May 2012 (Specifically a 23% increase)

What’s this mean for your company?

Essentially it means that in spite of economic fears and what seems to be a slow economic recovery you have options when it comes to leasing a copier. These options keep the market competitive and keeps interest rates in check. As the financial arms for copier leasing gain more confidence we expect to see easier qualification standards for new businesses.

At Flat Rate Copiers we track the market and always offer the option for conventional copier leasing with the equipment leasing lenders. If your business is new or you do not yet have established credit, have no fear we have a Guaranteed Approval program that is designed specifically for your company. What’s more is All of our copier equipment leasing lender partners offer a end of term buyout or what’s known as a lease-to-own. Now instead of a simple Tax advantage on the lease you also have the investment of ownership. Most of our clients upgrade to a new copier lease while enrolling the original copier in to a copier service program.  Call 877-871-5112 and ask us about the copier lease program.

Guide to Copier Lease Proposals, Estimates & Services

As you may already know there are several great copiers to chose from this year. This article is about what to look for purchasing or leasing your next copier. Typically when I am sending a proposal for a quote I ask my customers to determine the number of prints that they actually go through in a month, but who really knows what this number is and why is it so important..

In my experience it’s best to speak with the person who purchases the paper and other office supplies. For example one large box of paper holds 10 reams of paper at 500 pages each, that’s 5,000 prints. Usually a small business will use between 1 and 4 boxes per month. The reason we try to determine the monthly use as accurately as possible is because the expense to maintain that copier, printer, or fax is based on the use of consumables like toner and drums. These consumables have a short life and and the drums do as well. This is critical when calculating the cost form your copier service provider.

As an industry in general, we quote a cost per "click" or print. I have seen on average .0101 per print for black and white /monochrome copiers and printers and .06-.12cents for color printers and copiers.

An easy way to think of this is as if you’re dealing with your cell phone carrier. You can choose different phones made by different manufacturers and chose a service plan that is right for you. Even more similar is the term “Overages” , we’ve all seen this in the fine print and when you go over the allotted minutes you get hit over the head with large fees for every minute over. In copier leasing and rentals this is also a pitfall. It’s to the advantage for your service company to collect overages from you every month, sometimes doubling your monthly bill. !! Ouch! What’s worse you can be locked into a 12 month contract before you can even modify that usage.

Simply stated always be as accurate with your monthly estimated use as possible. At Flat Rate Copiers we do not lock any of our clients into service contract, in fact we allow flexibility for seasonal printing and companies that are growing. We don’t believe your company should be punished for being successful and subsequently making more prints and copies. Check out our line of products From Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, Sharp and Shindoh.

copy machine

Ricoh Aficio Copier Leasing: Top Copy Machine Deals

Copy Machines, some will call them Multifunction copiers or Multifunction printers, but the common denominator is that they are capable of multiple functions at once. Usually this means that they can print, scan, copy and fax. It seems copy machines can do it all. However, before you rush out and buy the first copier or printer you should know if they all offer some advantage or disadvantage with respect to your actual printing needs. For instance; Do you print or have the need to copy paper larger than the standard legal and letter? If you don’t then you have many options to choose from at prices low enough not to crush your budget.

You may need a true copy machine or stand alone office copier:

  • When you print scan or copy on 11×17 paper*
  • When you require full duplex (double sided) copies or scanning
  • When you want higher speed efficiency on scanning and printing
  • When you do a large volume of prints (over 5,000 -10,000+)
  • When you have multiple users sending simultaneous prints, fax, scan, copy


These are just a few reasons that those little printers that you can pick up an office supply store won’t work for your business. Additionally, the larger copy machines like a Ricoh Aficio have longer yield on toner (some as much as 45,000 prints) before it needs to be replaced. When owning a copy machine like a Ricoh Aficio you can save hundreds of dollars per month on toner alone. This is Not advised with small ink and laserjet machines.

Some of the newer desktop printers have great new features like wifi and bluetooth options for printing from smartphone devices and network printing. These were traditionally seen as exclusive in the Ricoh Aficio full size office copy machines. Wifi Printers are now a common option for most desktop as well as stand alone copy machines.

Be sure to asses your office copying needs and paper sizes before selecting the copy machine, printer, fax, or copier that’s right for your business.